As TV viewing habits have shitfted from linear to on-demand patterns, consumers are facing a wider offer than ever. Users increasingly need help making the choice of what they actually want to watch. Reminiz allows content providers to exploit the full potential of their video catalogue while retargeting to the right user and help those spectators to enjoy the right video in a snap.

“94% consumers want to use Reminiz to access videos of their favorite celebrities in a single tap” ORANGE France

82% people are interested in purchasing products tied to their favorite shows and celebrities.


Consumers now want to access TV content from any of their device, thus, driving up costs of service providers.
Reminiz offers a non-intrusive but user oritented source of revenues for content providers.
Any public figure on TV has something to promote indeed. Reminiz is a new merchandising channel allowing service providers to generate recurring revenues out of those celebrity related services and derivative products.


Increase revenues of your online video platform while improving recommendation. Reminiz can be integrated in any kind of video player. Our service is delivered though simple yet powerful metadata library. Access our library or simply process your content with Reminiz and deploy it to million users at no additional cost. Our metadata files are as light and easy to integrate than subtitles files, get yours now in .txt .json or .xml


Reminiz API offers you the most advanced UX on Live TV, creating revenues and collecting data.
Everyone on TV has something to promote that people want. Reminiz allows service providers to deliver celebritiy related products and services in a snap to the user. It’s a new source of recurring revenue.
Our creative data collection and reminiz machine learning solutions will allow you to retarget the right content to the right user.