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Augmented Content Enabler

Reminiz offers an engaging and ROI-driven user experience that serves both end-users and service providers. We work with you to help shape a new, clever and uniquely powerful television experience. We offer the right level of expertise and technology based on your vision and business requirements. From providing you invaluable content and viewer information and insights, to offering you our expertise in building new content ecosystems, Reminiz enables a unified, upscaled and newly-monetizing viewer experience anywhere, anytime and on any device. 
Reminiz provides valuable information related to content, viewers, brands and celebrities on-demand. Get a detailed and structured assessment on key metrics and adapt your content strategy accordingly. 
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Audience Assessment
Get detailed information about a specific target to understand what, who, how and when they watch.
Celebrity Index
It’s more than just a ranking: it's a new way to understand what makes a celebrity likable and valuable.
Tailored Audit
You can't watch everything. Reminiz provides precise information on specific timeframes, channels and types of content.
Content Upscaling
Provide any kind of live contextual information to programs and celebrities on screen and engage the user through an editorial approach to content.
Marketing Conversion
Transform high value content into high value business. Create a bridge where end-users access your partners’ content and services in a single tap, concerning the information you provide and the products you (or your partners) sell.
Recommendation Refining
Using Reminiz AI, improve your recommendation solution based on infinite criteria and linkages between content and viewer.
Plug Reminiz technologies into your own user interface to enhance, enrich and personalize your viewers’ experience.  Reminiz delivers valuable real-time information such as people or brand logos on screen, and also acts as a cord cutter to other available related content. Reminiz transforms information and creates a purchase funnel from recognition to purchase.  
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Reminiz is nothing less than a comprehensive and uniquely robust TV data management platform. Store and manage any kind of information related to viewers, content, celebrities and brand logos. Generate audience segments to target specific viewers with powerful contextual ads. Analyze viewer behavior and get the most out of it, metaphorically and literally. Reminiz helps you dig deep to enable increased personalization and contextualization. We give you food for thought to significantly enhance, improve and maximize the timing and power of your content and advertising. 
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Data Processing
Analyze each market segment, content or celebrity performance in a single data dashboard.
Content (Re)targeting
Cross data & content to our predictive model and get the capacity to create a more efficient content ecosystem. 
Advertising Placement
Automate the choice of ideal spots and timing for your ads corresponding to your viewer’s habits and expectations  and make the perfect match in contextualizing your ad, depending on logos or celebrities’ live stream.
Customer Success Architecture
We envision mid-term and long-term strategies to ensure your customer success over the next years.
Viewer Experience
VX Design or how to build a seamless journey for the viewer, whether in front of his television or his tablet.
Ad campaigns engineering
Our teams can advise you when it comes to making the best moves to create your next ad campaigns.
Benefit from Reminiz’s uniquely powerful experience, expertise and features to upgrade your own platform. From your approach to the overall strategic video ecosystem, to your unique vision for the overall viewer experience and the technical advice and support necessary to bring it to life, our team is prepared to guide you to shape a new and intuitive television experience.  Television.  Re-imagined.
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Customized Solutions
Reminiz technologies and solutions can be used in many powerful ways, only some of which are discussed here. 
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If you are from the media and entertainment industry and are interested in exploring the use of our technologies in other ways, please do not hesitate to contact us.