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Face Recognition for TV

Our proprietary technology has been built specifically for TV. Reminiz is able to identify any type of celebrity anywhere, despite make up, darkness or action scenes. Everything we do is about increasing media interactions.

Disrupting access to culture

Spectators want more info, more niche content , more insights than ever about their favorite characters, actors, sportsmen, or politicians. Reminiz gathers every info they need, any content they want in real and contextual time.

New revenue streams

Reminiz helps marketers at being more contextual in their promotion efforts. We connect viewers to relevant products at a new precision level. TV-merchandising is a $ 250 B. market and 80% viewers want to buy products tied to their favorite celebrities. Reminiz helps you taking advantage of this opportunity.

Data collection

By precisely indexing user behavior, we offer a truly valuable commodity for advertisers . Who else than Reminiz can tell a brand on which celebrity to bet based on presence and interaction levels.

A live show

Reminiz has amazing performances on VoD and live streams. This will allow TV providers to increase user interactions with content and cast while leveraging average return per user.

New narrative possibilities

Reminiz opens new narration fields around characters . An opportunity for producers to build a full story around their content. An interactive solution to offer bonus videos, exclusive backstage videos and other stories about actors, costumes and characters in your content.

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March 15, 2016

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