What we do
Television just got clever

Reminiz is a world pioneering AI dedicated to delivering our clients state-of-the-art video monetization, video data collection and recommendations. From celebrity recognition to contextual advertising, whether you improve recommendation or create new ways of interacting with your audience, our solutions bring media monetization to the next level: augmented content
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Of viewers are willing to buy content related merchandising
$260 B.
Yearly licensed merchandising sales market
Video will account for 79% of global internet traffic in 2020
3 x
For each dollar decline on Television advertising, brands lost 3 times the revenue
Who we are
TV’s dead, long live television

New game, new rules. Television as we know it has come to an end; the industry is confronting unparalleled levels of complexity, dynamic change and pressure to innovate. At Reminiz we believe it is time to reinvent the way we deal with content. Linear or non-linear, live or replay, on YouTube or On Demand, Television has taken so many forms that each viewer’s experience is now unique. Reminiz rethinks television from television and offers new ways to interact with content, by bringing AI, data science and entertainment together.
CBS launches Dinky Wink and You, the first interactive show of history, prompting children to draw on the television screen through a “magic screen“.
Michael Jordan signs a Lifetime deal with Nike. As television steps into a new era, celebrities and their faces are the best ones to endorse brands in featured content.
YouTube launches it Invideo adds and allows brands to think outside the box : contextualization slowly becomes key in efficient advertising.
More U.S television households use Netflix than DVRs : the expansion of OTTs and equivalents has started.
What we sell
A unique way to squeeze value out of content

Reminiz increases your average return per user while shaping a new and clever viewing experience. We help you at every step of your strategy in order to unleash the full potential for your content. Bookmarking favorites, screening the audience, organizing a catalogue, enriching with new interactions: Reminiz will give a new and unique way to bring value to content and help you get closer to what the viewer truly wants.
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Reminiz pillar functionalities
Face and brand recognition
Literally all faces and brands pop out on the screen thanks to Reminiz unique neural recognition network
Contextual information
Improved interaction with end-users using texts, videos, music, merchandising, widgets as a new layer to content and celebrities
Improved and automated recommendation, based on our constantly evolving artificial intelligence
Contextual advertising
Advertisement synced with the target, the context and the need, without deteriorating content